ALL FM Team Building Radio Training Day, Manchester.

Team Building Radio Training Experience with ALL FM!

Team building with a difference! ALL FM’s radio training experience days are the answer to happy and engaged employees.

We’re looking to find and develop the brightest teams in Manchester – so, come on, step inside the world of radio production and presenting with ALL FM’s Team Building Radio Training Experience Days!

Team building days out with an edge! You and your team will discover how to:

  • Write and devise a radio show
  • Drive the desk
  • How to talk on Mic
  • Write and record a jingle for your organisation
  • Learn interview techniques for radio

Team building with an edge, you and your team will take a look behind the wonderful world of radio production and presenting. You’ll learn hands-on from our most experienced producers and presenters at ALL FM and will present a 1-hour LIVE radio broadcast at the end of it.

You and your team will discover what goes into producing a show, the preparation, the music, the chat, the station sound… all while building confidence and doing a bit of team bonding along the way too.

You’ll find the program challenging, exciting and most importantly, you’ll have lots of fun. Our radio training sessions are something that everyone can enjoy whether you’re a corporate team or someone simply looking for some radio experience.

At 4 pm during every session, the ‘Mic Live’ light comes on and you’ll start broadcasting LIVE for the very first time on ALL FM 96.9!

Read more about the benefits of radio training or see how affordable it can be on our price list. It’s the perfect team building activity in Manchester that you won’t want to miss. Support your local community radio and discover our corporate packages designed with you in mind.

Plus if you can’t come to us. We can come to you.

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