ALL FM Team Building Radio Training Day, Manchester.

Listen to previous radio training shows…

After your radio experience, all radio training shows will be uploaded to this page so that you can listen to it time and time again. If you have any questions or queries, or can’t find your show, fill in the contact form below.

If you think your team would excel on the radio then get in touch with ALL FM below. Our team building radio training sessions are the perfect way to get all the team involved in something unique.

We can accommodate up to 8 people per session, and you’ll find there a range of benefits including improved confidence, better communication skills and stronger ties and bonds within your team.

Prices start from £650 for a one-day session. Explore our price list here or dive further into the world of radio training.

It really is an experience your team will never forget!

Hilton Hotels

Head Office Team.

Magnetic North

Design Agency.

Manchester City Council.


Pixel8 Ltd

Marketing and Branding Agency.

Sheung Lok

Wellbeing Centre.

Think your team could be radio stars too?

Drop us a note and we’ll be in touch to discuss your next team building opportunity with ALL FM Training.