ALL FM 96.9 | New Community Radio Soap Opera

ALL FM have successfully received Arts Council Funding for a new community radio soap opera. We will be bringing in professional writers to lead masterclasses on storylining and script writing for local people interested in learning how to write soap scripts. We’ll also be bringing in radio drama producers/ directors to train local people interestedContinue reading “ALL FM 96.9 | New Community Radio Soap Opera”

SITSOL Christmas Special | Saturday 22nd December

Tune in this coming Saturday 22nd December for a Standing in The Shadows of Lev Christmas Special. As is tradition, the show will last for 3 hours and feature a studio packed to the rafters with live guests and festive cheer. Upon this year’s conveyor belt of talent will be Aidan Smith, Quiet Loner, ButcherContinue reading “SITSOL Christmas Special | Saturday 22nd December”