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WE ARE ALL FM 96.9 – the real voice of Manchester! Broadcasting from our studio in Levenshulme to South, East and Central Manchester on FM and across the world on the world wide web. All our presenters and producers are volunteers, trained by ALLFM; by the community for the community.

How you can support us

You can help us by donating, large or small, to  ALL FM 96.9

Every penny donated goes toward keeping ALL FM 96.9 on the air, using radio training to improve the lives of those at risk of isolation and serving our local community.

Please complete the details below. Thank you!

ALL FM 96.9

We  work with those who are at greater risk of  isolation.  We use radio training to provide a medium of expression to people such as; older people, long term unemployed, children, young people at risk of exclusion, adults with learning difficulties, carers, adults with mental health issues, young people with learning difficulties.

When they have finished their training we offer them a slot on ALLFM…

Radio training develops skills such as communication skills, employability skills, and IT skills as well improving your confidence. When you can write and broadcast your own show LIVE, nothing can stop you!


We give voice to  those whose voices are least heard. We offer radio training to improve skills and to train you to present and produce a live radio show on ALL FM 96.9


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