ALL FM 96.9 has trained young to old and all those in between in radio production. All our training culminates with a live show on ALL FM 96.9.

We will train you in all aspects of radio production, including driving the desk, designing your own show, radio law, interview techniques etc. Our training is designed to prepare you for your live show so you have the skills and confidence to broadcast independently.

What so great about ALL FM’s radio training? Well, in addition to equipping you with the skills to broadcast your own show, it also improves your confidence, communication and interview skills.

‘Once you’ve done a live show, you feel like there’s nothing you can’t achieve.’ 

The radio presenters that you listen to on ALL FM 96.9 have been trained by us and are the legacy of previous training projects.

If you’re out of work we can train you for free.

We try to keep as much as training as possible free so as many as possible can access it. If we can’t offer free training, we can offer you subsidised radio training. All our training leads to a live show on ALL FM 96.9.

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