Key Commitments

Our revised Ofcom Key Commitments

Key Commitments
Licence number: CR000023
Service name All FM Licence area South Manchester (as shown in the licensed coverage area map) Frequency 96.6 MHz

Description of character of service

All FM provides an ‘ultra-local’ service for the local communities of South Manchester and encourages members of the communities to be involved with its programming. It provides content that reflects the diverse inner city communities of the area, both in terms of the music and the speech content provided.

The service broadcasts:

-Music. The main types of music broadcast over the course of each week are: chart music (past and present) and music of appeal to the different ethnic communities in the local area. The service will also feature specialist music programmes.

-Speech: The main types of speech output broadcast over the course of each week are: content that reflects topics and issues of concern to members of the target community, as well as events taking place within the local area, discussion and local information.

-Over the course of each week, the majority of programming is broadcast in English, however, specialist programming in other languages that reflect the diversity of the communities in the area also feature.

-The service provides original output during daytime hours between 07:00 and 19:00.

-The studio is located within the licensed coverage area.

-The service provides a range of community benefits (social gain objectives mandated by statute) for the target community, both on-air and off-air, and in doing so, achieves the following objectives:

-the facilitation of discussion and the expression of opinion,

-the provision (whether by means of programmes included in the service or otherwise) of education or training to individuals not employed by the person providing the service, and

-the better understanding of the particular community and the strengthening of links within it.

Members of the target community contribute to the operation and management of the service.

The service has mechanisms in place to ensure it is accountable to its target community.

[March 2008. Revised September 2016]

1 Original output is output that is first produced for and transmitted by the service, and excludes output that was transmitted elsewhere before. Original output can be live or voice-tracked. Repeat broadcasts of original output do not count towards the minimum requirement. cr000023



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