December 12th is #LiveMusicDay

ALLFM & North Manchester FM are teaming up to broadcast live music to the whole of Manchester, by some of Manchester’s finest and up and coming musicians.

The ALLFM scheule for #LiveMusicDay is:

Presenter Musican
7.30am-9am James Graham The Early Risers
9am-10am Lydia Ni-Cola
10am-11am Mog CP Lee & Vocal Harem / Amy and Aidan from Oh Man The Mountain
/Tracey Browne / more TBC
11am-12pm Billy/Rowland Rowland Jones & Liam McClair
12pm-1pm Caroline I See Angels
1pm-2pm Suzi Cajun Specials + Martha John Rose
2pm-3pm Mike z Cosmic Ray & the constellations, The HotRock trio,
3pm-4pm Ann Doolally
4pm-5pm Calum & Ed Impulse, Lou & the Llamas
5pm-6pm Ursula Old House Playground
6pm-7pm Vicky Garron Frith
7pm-8pm Rahim Arash
8pm-9pm Tracy Paulo Simoes
9pm-10pm Eric TBC

We are the home of new Manchester music.


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