Interested in particpating in an ALL FM project?

1. Radio training:
We’re running monthly radio training. It’s aimed primarily at adults who are:
low paid employment
part time employment
not f/t students

It’s a 30 hour course, so you need to attend all these dates. It’s @ all fm, Levenshulme.

The course will culminate in a live broadcast on ALL FM 96.9 FM. We will also offer the opportunity of broadcasting your own show after your training is complete. You don’t need previous experience and all you need to bring is enthusiasm. A pen and paper may be handy too.

Training is free. Email

2. ALLFM Soap ‘Station Road’

We have trained members of the community to write drama for radio. They are currently writing episodes of ‘Station Road’, which is due to broadcast Jan 2015. We are looking to recruit new potential writers. If you’re interested in learning to write for radio email

3. Fusion

Fusion is the name of our project where we are training young people in music making, recording, lyric writing & performing. The majority of young people on this project are having issues at school. If you would like further information please email

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