ALL FM 96.9 | Latest Funding & Project News: Youth Music Bid

ALLFM Music Fusion Ad-page-0x2ALL FM 96.9 have just found out that we’ve been successful with our Youth Music Bid which is a real feather in our cap! We’ll be partnering with Band on the Wall and School of Sound Recording.

The project is to work with teenagers who play music,  guitar, drums, as well as lyric writing and vocals. They’ll have group lessons each week and then come together to either build small bands or work on solo pieces.  They’ll learn live engineering at SSR. Gigs will be performed at BOTW.

On ALL FM 96.9 there’ll be regular weekly shows presented by teenage hosts focusing on unsigned young music.  The young people will also become music critics and review gigs. How cool is that?!  We’ve been successful with matching funding for this bid and it’s now all good to go. Funded by Youth Music.

The project is running on Tuesdays, plus Wednesdays at Barlowmoor Community Association. Contact:

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