ALL FM 96.9 | Presenter Blog: Doodlebug Nuggets talks Holy Dutty

EASTER TRAILERAs doodlebug nuggets continues it’s bi-weekly sunday evening ‘mindfood’ mixes, this Sunday welcomes a Black Jesus exploration. Its previous show on St. Patrick’s evening began with Sinéad O’Connor spouting ‘War’ and the evils of the Catholic Church , so brace yourselves for an Easter Sunday sermon like no other. In 1992, director and actor Blair Underwood released his film ‘The Second Coming‘, a contemporary version of Jesus Christ where he plays the lead role and subsequently the question of colour/race is questioned. Not the “typical” blue eyed Scandinavian, Blair was invited onto the then popular Phil Dunogue programme to thrash it out with its audience and so doodlebug’s Holy nugget will playfully provoke all ears with a colourful mix of the debate which ensued.
You have been warned!
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