The Mainstream Prophecy

It’s true, it’s true. The end has happened, the Mayans were right.


The Mainstream has ended!

From way back when, the 19th of March 2009 Kev and Bex brought you: Pet Corner, Style File, Eye on TV, The Cultural Sector, Movies With Mother the rumble from the concrete jungle and the line from the cable grapevine.


In 2011 allfm had ‘a bit of Kev and Laurie‘ until the 22nd December 2012 with features including, but certainly not limited to: Leonard or Leonard?, In Your Bed, MorrisSez, Ukulele Tune of The Fortnight, Cormac In The Community and The Saturday Lion.

So after 182ish hours of bibble, babble, shouting and nonsense, we’re leaving your alternate Saturday mornings on the mighty allfm 96.9.

As the old adage goes; all good things come to an end, please don’t cry, but do keep your eye on the allfm blog for what’ll be coming in the new year.

We’ll try and get as many shows from the past up to be preserved for ALL OF TIME!
at The Mainstream Museum. For visual goodness, clicky here for videos of Mainstream sessions from Gideon Conn, Tracey Browne, Lou Armer and Jim The Schoolgirl.

Have a verry Merry Festmas from Kev, Laurie and ALL of the Mainstream Team X


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